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Full Version: Tablet PC Qware QW TB+9010
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Hello guys!
Really I need your help!
My Tablet has stopped at eeee... window where I see logo Qware.
He is staying and staying i i do not see android logo.
I was trying factory reset but it is no working (after accept factory reset i see "Getting recovery image" and after "No recovery image is found, try recover rom SD")
I can't update rom.
I can't find IMG file of this rom (2.2 android) for flash for livesuit and phoenix card.
Can you help me for this differend situation?
Thanks so much
Download the firmware from here and update your Android
Not this file Sad i have that update. Its update for recoveru. I can' go into recovery. I need IMG file for flash on PC. This recovery on tablet don't find any file for update Sad. I can't find file for flash stock rom in .img.
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