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Full Version: turkish tablet rom help
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so i have a turkish tablet that has a allwinner a33 i need a 4.4.2 rom help
please about the tablet

the tablet itself:everest dc 9714
the procceser:allwinner a33
ram:1 gb ddr3
board id:dont know it
i have installed the 5.1.1 rom but its slow and i want 4.4.2
it came with 4.4.2 but the tablet broke so they installed android 5.1.1
if you need any information about the tablet
use that rom many cases downgrading can cost PCB Board
Try to free up Ram & Clear data within App. & caches
okay i will try that
still doesnt work its still slow
now its stuck on boot thats why i need a rom help please also
try this file to flash
i will try it right now

no man still slow
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