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Full Version: reset allwinner A13 forgotten pattern
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please help me reset my allwinner A13 tab.. somebody tried to open my tab and i cant open it now. I forgot the previous email for recovering the password because this tab was only given to me by my friend.. please help.. i tried all the buttons patterns but i cant access the boot mode.. usb debugging not yet enabled.. please see attached picture for reference...

thank you..
help pls
1- Press and Hold Volume up +Power
it will drive to boot mode
2- Select MTK
3- Fastboot
4- wipe all
5- Click run
Go through the process and let me know ur Feedback
i am using Genx Gx 330 tablet mainboard model : F727J v2.0.0 Topwise- 13 2013.05.06 A13 all winner chip, so my tablet pattern lock how to release the lock
This is the firmware for your tablet you can use it to flash your mobile Firmware

key combination have to be checked. Usually hit and trial is the best option to determine key combinations
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