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Full Version: Xolo QC800 tablet USB data card connection help
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I recently bought XOLO QC800 tab- Android 4.1.2 , So I need to connect my data card to my android tab which supports 3g,2g,wifi,wcdma. I want to connect Reliance Netconnect+ USB Modem. This tab have inbuilt 3g,2g sim support but I need to connect reliance net connect+ via otg cable. When I connected data card to tab via otg cable the USB modem blinks but no internet connection or signal is detected. Mobile network setting in tab only works with sim, without sim I can't use the option and unable create APN and the setting is completely unavailable without sim. I am trying all the ways to connect by creating APN and used many applications to connect, but there is no use, Is there any application to set up the connection to my android tab via otg cable? Is there any drivers available? or any setup format available? I need to know how to setup connection in any way. I need solution to connect with my tab please. Please help me.HuhHuhHuh
Is your dongle unlocked
What does mean dongle unlocked?
It means that the dongle(Internet USB device) belongs to any GSM company or not, suppose your dongle belongs to "Airtel" company or "MTS" then it will work only on their respected SIM,in order to work on any other SIM the dongle (USB) device must be unlock. If it is of any other company then it support any SIM.
The Internet USB device is Reliance NetConnect+ USB modem. It does not support any sim function.
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