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Full Version: flashing mr-tab tablet
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hi, I have a tablet that boots to android doll with the red triangle and the recovery screen

brand: mr-tab
model: mt-740qc
board: 86h4 v3.0
proc: atm7029

this tab has no vol buttons only pwr and menu button
connect usb keyb also not working
connect tab to win 7 laptop with adb driver
android multi tool v1.2b prog does not recognice the tab
so the only way is to flash the tab

can you help me with the firmware please
some steps to how to flash I'll be gratefull

thanks in advance

You better try with the following link:

Repair my mobile
hi, Naveen,

thanks for your reply

the link leads me nowhere

it ask me to download things like ilivit and utorrent but not the zipfile I need

I see the zipfile but I can't download it

thanks again
I am sending you the screenshot with details, kindly follow the step.


hi, Naveen,

thanks for your reply

I have successfully downloaded and unzipped the file

H978-V1.2 HANa FT5306DE7 -BT.img finally

can you please provide me with the steps how to flash the tablet

hi, Naveen,

at least tell me which flash tool I can use

Flash file for MR-tab
hi, mr ankur pratap

I have already downloaded the flash file

I just need to know which flash tool I can use

and if possible some steps of how to flash the tab

thanks for your reply

Use livesuit for flashing and check the Video for its usage
hi, mr. ankur pratap,

I have tried with livesuit like the video shows but it does not work

when connecting the tab I hear a sound from the speaker but no windows popup

and no flashing

any other suggestion

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