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Full Version: Necessary app for my trip
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I always travel a lot. It was exciting but the time before reaching the destination was bored. So I found myself some ways to kill time. I owned bunch of DVDs made by myself and what to watch them on my Samsung Tab S. I created those videos by a Canon S100 and wanted to copy them on this Tab which belongs to my wife. I created them using the resolution setting 1920x1080. There isn’t a predefined profile, but it wasn’t very hard to do my own. But the problem is the video can’t be streamed directly into this Table. So I did an internet search by “Video Converter for tablet’. Then Pavtube Video Converter came to the top. I tried it and like it.
You've done a great job for yourself, We are a dedicated person for the tablet and feel proud of your sharing tips. So if you have any issue that we can assist you then go ahead and share with us, we will definitely try to solve it.
Thank you.
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