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Full Version: Need Android firmware for ALLWINNER A13 F727CD
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I have chinese tab ALLWINNER A13 with Motherboard- 2012-09-03 F727CD-MAINBOARD-V1.0.0.
I am looking for Android firmware for this tab. Can anybody help me !!
Thanks in Advance
Firmware for ur Gadget
Hi Ankur,

Thanks for the Help. Using Phoenix Card software i made my sd card bootable using iso image that you mentioned. While process my tab got stuck at a point saying "Sprite update Error: Fail to open file Z@< CARD OK "

Can you plz help me in this regard.

Hi ankur,

I have attached Photo of the motherboard of my tab. I hope that can help to find correct firmware !!!
Try this but make backup if your tablet is not in Dead state
Hi Ankur,
My tab is already in dead state. I think you gave wrong link coz it is showing home page of . Can you please check again and report the link.
Apritiate your help
Try the Link with "Gadget" i.e. Working firmware and Flash it with Livesuit
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