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Full Version: Firmware for Axtrom Axpad 7105.
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My Tablet is Axtrom Axpad 7105
(CPU-Dual core ARM cortex-A9 1.5 Ghz
ROM-8GB) It stuck on boot screen. Can you please help me which firmware i can use to re-install android?/ link a compatible Firmware for my tab? Any help appreciate Thanks,,,
Axtrom has its own Directory for their Tablet firmware. Go with the link for official website
Last question... how can i install it on my android when it wont open? actually I try it to install the firmware thru SDcard like the instruction/guide in there but it stuck on axtrom axpad til it goes out of battery then it wont open even i try to unplug the charger... thanks in advance.
See the attachment for The Firmware Upgrade
the guide only shown how to upgrade firmware thru sdcard but nothing more... my tab wont open even i try to click the reset bottom and the tab tech said my tab need to re-install the android which is i dont know how. i cant handle it to the tech since the price cost of the repair is haft than the tab cost LOL... btw thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. Thanks again : ))) ...
Refer this post For Re-installing Android on Tablets
Re-Install Android OS
Hello Can you send me a compatible iso file and tools that i can use to re-install android in my tab?

My Mainboard: EM_M62_V4.0

Super Thank you for always replying fast Smile .
Help me please Smile
how can i use that?
I need Android OS file that are compatible on my tab for flashing thanks in advance ...
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