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Full Version: Micromax funbook P410 mini
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Dear Sir,

Can i upgrade my micromax funbook mini P410 to windows od or not ? if not than what else can i do with my tablet . ihave just rooted it?

Thankyou for help
which android os is currently installed on your tablet
I have 4.1.2 version of android

I have seen android 5 lollipop android version now. can i upgrade it to lollipop or not if any other os please tell me thanks for help
Right now it cannot be updated, no Stock ROM (Lollipop) has been released for P410
Thankyou Sir....Smile But i loved it so much after rooting Smile And can email me if there will be lollipop version for this phone on my email bridesyuck@GMAIL.COM

I will post when it will be out

My micromax funbook rooted tablet :L

I didn;t expected my micromax tablet will face problem but recently it has touch screen problem arising don't know how to solve if possible.

Touch doesn't response instead i have to hard reset by opening back cover but it doesn;'t work every time please help me
Rooting has two sides of the coin. In one you won, but the other will loose.
I am hoping that the Firmware which i am providing might get your tablet right.
Firmware for Micromax Funbook P410 Mini: Download
How to use SP Flash tool:-

Is that update for Micromax P410i???

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