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Full Version: really bright screen with touch not working
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I followed your instructions and flashed my tablet with Maxwest is jellybean

The tablet boots to the lock screen but the touch is not working and the screen is very bright like a ghost layer on top . hard reset does not work

I also tried flashing it with sunstech but it then has no Bluetooth and WiFi will not turn on

Any ideas my guru???
Check out the link for Firmware at the bottom of the page:- Official
Hope, your tablet will be allright
I have downloaded these files before and the one is the one with really bright screen problem. I will try again but don't feel hopeful. Any more ideas
As suspected no change with my tablet

name: @tab 16Gb
Processor: A31s Quad Core All Winner
Board Num: V8_A315 v1.2

I flashed Maxwest ISO version 1 but could not get version 2 to work in phoenix or PAD not USB detected.

If you get time for any new suggestions not in other posts

Thank you for your time - very kind
I found a tablet that has same chip as mine and I am thinking that if you can find firmware then I can try flashing that and see

Here is link
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