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Full Version: Seriously need help!
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This tablet was frozen at the Dragon Touch logo. I went to the support section on the Tablet Express Website (Chinese Tablets) and followed the instructions on how to re-install the ROM.img using Phoenix USB Pro with little success. The site here:

Click on Allwinner CPU A20 – A33 then go to the very bottom to download Phoenix USB Pro and the Y88X-YN-V1-AL-20140922.img file. I was only able to get to the part where the checkmark turns green and no further. It was supposed to start flashing the ROM at this point but it just does nothing. I tried and tried for a few hours with no success. I also tried this on Windows XP and 8.1.

Then I went to the net and tried dozens of programs and I had problems with each and every one. Most were PC programs that allowed me to connect to the tablet via USB connection but couldn’t go no further because ADB couldn’t detect the tablet cause it is frozen at the logo and absolutely no bootloader came with the tablet. ADB / Fastboot is worthless when your logo is frozen…

If it had a bootloader, then I could have simply booted into it and factory resetted the tablet. I also tried Live Suit but it complains about drivers and so on. The only program that showed some potential was Phoenix Card. Phoenix Card is supposed to be the alternative to Live Suit.

I burned the Y88X-YN-V1-AL-20140922.img file to a SD Card and popped it into the tablet. I thought it was going to work but it didn’t. The tablet booted but the logo was gone. So, I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen…….. I also tried the SJ-A1-V3-AL-20140901.img file...

I’m practically on my hands and knees here. I’ve been fighting this tablet for 2 days now and I’m sick of it. Can SOMEONE please tell me how to fix this tablet? What should I burn with Phoenix Card? Or what program can get me out of this jam? If I burned the wrong img files to the SD Card then which img should I use? Is there something I can use that'll factory reset this tablet? Please help!

Here's the info from the back of the tablet and the box:

[Image: IMAG0042_zpsrs4k2gay.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0039_zpsav6nz3x8.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0029_zpsmcjvygvc.jpg]
At the very least point me in the direction of the stock firmware for this tablet. All of the firmware on Tablet Express are not compatible with this tablet.
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