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Full Version: RK2928-G FIRMWARE
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hello everyone i'm looking for firmware for my tablet versus , details are :
motherboard id HZG35S-HRA712 ver 2.0
cpu rockchip rk2928-g
the tablet is 101 inch
Mention detailed description of your tablet with snapshot of PCB
oh .......thank you so much for your reply
but i solved the problem with my tablet
my tablet is
versus mid903 rk2928 10.1"
the problem is ; i wasnt able to access to recovery menu to do factory reset because the tablet was stuck in android logo
when i press power and vol+ it show me robot lying down with red triangle
with no recovery
so i thought that maybe i should flash the tablet
but i fix it
when the robot with red triangle show up release the vol+ and then hold the vol+ with power botton in the same time and here we go the menu should appear
sorry for my english
and thank again but can you explain what you ment by pcb?
Chip of your tablet
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