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Full Version: firmware & instructions for install
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looking for firmware for APEX EMDOOR EM63 also help with install would be helpful. I have a very heart broken child here Sad the tablet freezes when turned on & when I attempted the hard reboot using the buttons it allowed me to go to the clearing cache & froze there. Have tried several times. thank you in advance.
Firmware for your Tablet: Download
Thank you for the firmware, have any idea how to install this onto the tablet, is it a direct connect to the my PC or should I save it to a microSD card & load that way? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Download the firmware
Unzip the package in .zip and upload to the root folder of your SD card
Insert the card into tablet and switch on the device
Updating will start of its own, do not reboot tablet during updating
thank you will try this
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