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Full Version: Stock firmware needed Azpen A729 (With BlueTooth)
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I recently purchased this Azpen A729 from Tigerdirect. However, after looking on Azpen's website, it seems they don't have the stock firmware available for download. I have spent the last month sending them emails, trying to call them, sending them messages on facebook etc, and i get absolutely NO reply from them.

The reason i want the stock firmware, is so i can remove pre-installed apps. Some of these apps contain malware, or security hole.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Device Specifications:
CPU: A23 Cortex A7 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali-400 MP2
Touch Screen: 5 point capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 1024x600 (16:9)
Memory: 8GB NAND Flash
Wi-Fi: 802.11 B/G/N
Camera: 0.3MP (Front)/2MP (Rear)

OS: Google Android 4.4.2
Firmware Version: 2.0_20140814
Kernel Version:
inet_thj@superFAE03 #1
Fri Sep 12 15:09:09 CST 2014

Build Number: A23_D712HB2C_PG_1409029.20140926

Any help would be most appreciated, as modding / tinkering with android devices is dangerous without a stock rom to fall back on.
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Sorry ankur, i'm not sure you understood the help request. I'm not locked out of the device. And Azpen doesn't have the download to the stock rom on their site anymore since they started updating the site, and halted mid way (if you go to the site, you'll see that several links point to non-existant pages)

I need the firmware so i can unpack it, remove the virus / bloatware / malware, repack it, and flash it to my device.

Having the stock firmware is also handy if i wish to replace the boot splash, kernel splash, and startup initlogo.rle files, or if i wish to install CM or build AOSP from scratch.

Without the stock firmware as an option to recover from a faulty flash, customizing, or tinkering is pointless. And let's face it, the only reason people buy android is so they can tinker / customize it the way they want.
so it seems, just like me, no one has been able to get a stock firmware for this device...

Here's some more information if it helps..

silkscreen on the motherboard:
inet-D71C-REV02 Zeng-gc 2014-06-30

Partition informaiton:

32768 nanda bootloader -> /dev/block/nanda
16384 nandb env -> /dev/block/nandb
16384 nandc boot -> /dev/block/nandc
786432 nandd system -> /dev/block/nandd
2113536 nande data -> /dev/block/nande
16384 nandf misc -> /dev/block/nandf
32768 nandg recovery -> /dev/block/nandg
524288 nandh cache -> /dev/block/nandh
131072 nandi databk -> /dev/block/nandi
16384 nandj private -> /dev/block/nandj
3567616 nandk UDISK -> /dev/block/nandk

is it possible to use stty and dd to make a raw backup from fastboot of each partition and use that to recreate the factory flash file?
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