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Full Version: Need firmware for chinese tablet
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1. Atheros xp8101
2. Unknown
Whats is the status of the device???
Hi. Tablet is working but time to time rotation doesn't for a day or two then sudenly start to work but i didn't change nothing i even don't rebot it. I read that it needs a new firmware.
Thank you.
Try to hard reset tablet and your tablet will work fine as old days
I tried hard reset - factory deset. But also worked for a little time. And during i didn't installed nothing on.
I noticed one more thing. One time when i wake up the tablet and i was holding it portraite and it didn't turn then just for kiks i put it back to sleep and instantly i wake it up and the screen starts to rotate. Thx
I found firmware but when i flashed it i can't turn wifi on, any ideas
The firmware which you are using may be not compatible with the device
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