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Full Version: Firmware neede
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HI,I messed up my tablet, and I m looking for the right firmware:
Brand GPT
model gs702c
Cpu ATM7029B
Help me please;namaste
Try this firmware if your tablet is in dead state else make backup
Thank u for answering, but I dont understand chinese,can you explain me how to download??

I bought a chinese Tablet from Aliexpress.o front camera, no Wifi and no Bluietooth
After some time only I noticed that the frontcamera was not working.
iI received a firmware from the vender but now even less works.
No front camera, no WIFI and no Bluetooth. WIFI and bluetoth cannot enable.
Boardnumer : ATM7029B_F900.V1.4_20140825
Brand and Model: QC900

Would you have a suitable Firmware for me please ?
Thanks ahead
Kind regards
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