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Full Version: Firmware for re-install 4.1 in Excelvan ET1004
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Hello, can anyone help with firmware to rescue an Excelvan ET1004 10.1" tablet please? It is a dual core, 1.5Ghz Coretex A9 and from what my son tells me it was a straightforward Android Jellybean 4.1 installation.

The company is utterly unhelpful and don't answer support requests despite this being a last years Christmas present.

If anyone can send or point me in the right direction to download the same or a suitable replacement OS I'll be eternally grateful.
What is wrong with the tablet????
Hello, thanks for responding so quickly! The tablet charges and appears to hold plenty of charge. On attempting to boot it goes to the Excelvan screen, three broad horizontal lines and their two colours logo, and . . . no further.

When the problem first arose my son tried booting with the volume - held down. The rotating Android figure appeared and spun for a few minutes then the tablet shut down. I have tried poking the reset but, similarly, with no change.

I've tried booting whilst connected to my desktop with the usb 'umbilical' but the tablet does not appear as an attached device. The manufacturers and their sales agents in the UK who sell only online through Amazon and eBay simply do not respond to requests for help.

The only suggestion from the rudimentary handbook is a short paragraph describing flashing from the memory card. With what and where from it does not say. It does say the process requires pressing the 'on' button whilst holding down the camera button.

As there is nothing of importance on the tablet we were quite happy to simply go for a reinstall of Android. As we don't know the tablet's capability to take a later version we thought 4.1 with which it was sold and worked for most of a year would be the best thing.

The 10.1" version of the dual core tablet is discontinued now and has disappeared from the website and Amazon. A description of the 7" phablet version of similar specification is at

Any help / suggestions would be gratefully received! As neither of us has ever tackled anything like this before you should consider us to be extreme newbies and go gently!
Something else that might help is the info on the serial number sticker which is, I assume, the processor version.

Also I'm told that the Excelvan is really a Zenithink ZT-283 C93 with the Amlogic MX CPU and 2 cameras and unless someone suggests a better option the version to go for is . . . but where do I download it from?
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